• Each category of the competition has first, second, third and merit awards.
    1. Winners of the first, second, and third prizes will receive trophies and certificates. Winners of merit awards will be issued medals and certificates. All qualified contestants and their instructors will receive a certificate of participation.
    2. Several special awards will be set up. Details will be announced later.
    3. Outstanding winners have the opportunity to be recommended to participate in the "National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition", "Tomorrow's Little Scientists" award activities, "Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair" and "International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva" and other national and international Science competition.
  • Special Awards
    1. Young Scientist Award: one senior secondary school group (awarded to the contestant with the most comprehensive and outstanding performance in the senior secondary school group)
    2. Outstanding Innovation Project Award: one winner each in the primary school group, junior secondary school group and senior secondary school group.
    3. Outstanding Organization Award: Calculate the total scores of participating projects organized by the school. The 3 secondary schools and 3 primary schools with the highest scores will be awarded the honor.

The scoring system for the Outstanding Organization Award is as follows:



Safety innovation for carrying out maintenance works on external wall of building
Design modification of trolley for enhancing user’s safety and health at work
Facilities/intelligence design for reducing musculoskeletal problems at work, e.g. applicable to elderly home / warehouse
Facilities for improving the roadwork safety
Items / devices that prevent heat stroke when working in a hot environment
Wearable technology application for enhancement of OSH risk management in workplace, e.g. real-time monitoring of worker’s parameters including heartbeat, body temperature / reminding worker to maintain correct posture
Equipment / installation that ensure the u-traps always contain sufficient water
Use of AI / Iota or other technologies for enhancing occupational safety and health management, e.g. recognizing whether a worker wears suitable Personal Protective Equipment properly
Use of VR / AR technology to improve effectiveness of safety training for a particular task
Mobile application for enhancing employee awareness of mental health at workplace
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