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Primary School Research Paper

refer to participants who conduct research, experiments, and surveys on science-related topics, draw conclusions and write reports.

Primary School Invention

refer to new products or models created by primary school students that can be used in practice.

Secondary School Research and Invention

includes 5 subjects, all of them welcome junior secondary school students and the senior secondary school students. They can participate in research papers or inventions.

Science Fiction Drawing

refers to children and adolescents expressing the future production and life scenes of human beings in the form of painting to show their vision and prospects for future scientific development, and at the same time advocate the integration and exchange of technology and art.

Science Fiction

cultivate students' interest in science, improve writing ability, promote students' imagination of science, and combine science and artistic creation at the same time. Provide opportunities for students who love science and literary creation to develop their potential, encourage them to engage in scientific creation in alternative ways, and cultivate diverse talents.

STEM Activity

refers to a comprehensive and group scientific and technological activity carried out around a certain scientific theme, and submission of activity records and activity summaries.

Outstanding STEM Teacher Award

aims to select teachers of primary and secondary schools with outstanding performance in promoting STEM education.

Teaching Aids Invention

refer to teaching aids or models used by teachers during STEM teaching in the classroom, and the models must be scaled and operable.

Outstanding STEM School

aims to select and commend secondary and elementary schools with outstanding performance in promoting STEM education.


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1. Advocate and promote STEM education, increase young people's interest in STEM and comprehensive scientific and technological qualities, and cultivate technological innovation talents needed in the 21st century.

2. Cultivate young people's scientific imagination, innovative spirit and practical ability to meet the challenges of the future world.

3. Guide young people to participate in research and invention and scientific inquiry from an early age, and cultivate interdisciplinary knowledge application and manual brain skills.

4. Provide young people with an opportunity to demonstrate creative thinking and innovative design.

5. Encourage and commend schools, teachers, student organizations that actively promote STEM education, and contestants who have performed well in technological innovation.


24th Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition

English (UK)