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21st Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition

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The general evaluation and award ceremony of the 21st Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition, which was commissioned by the Gifted Education Section of the Curriculum Development Office of the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and hosted by the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association, was successfully held on March 30 and 31 at the Hong Kong Science Park.

This year, the Association is honored to have Ms. Yang He Beiyin, Permanent Secretary of the Education Bureau, and Dr. Liu Jianfeng, Deputy Director of the Education and Technology Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government, as officiating guests.

In her speech, the Permanent Secretary of the Education Bureau, Ms. Yeung Ho Pei-yin, encouraged students to actively participate in different types of STEM learning activities, learn more about the application and development of innovation and technology at different levels of society, and consider joining the ranks of innovation and technology in the future to contribute to the country and society.

She also highly praised and affirmed the efforts of the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association over the years. Through a comprehensive training program, as well as Hong Kong competitions, national competitions, international competitions, etc., the association provides a stage and growth opportunities for Hong Kong teachers and students, while cultivating Hong Kong. It has also discovered a large number of innovation and technology talents. I hope that the association will continue to work closely with the SAR government and all sectors of society to benefit the society.

This year's competition attracted a total of about 4,000 entries from nearly 400 primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. The competition is mainly divided into six categories, including "Science Fantasy Painting", "Research and Invention", "Excellent STEM Activities", "Excellent STEM Teachers" ", "Excellent STEM Teaching Tool" and "Excellent STEM School". On the day of the judging, the participants in the research and invention and teacher categories are required to independently set up exhibitions and accept the rotating assessment by the jury. Representatives of the sci-fi and school categories will be judged at a designated time.

The competition format of the Science and Technology Innovation Competition is in line with international competitions. Whether it is the evaluation between the participants and the judges or the public exhibition model, they all draw lessons from international science competitions. This competition model not only enhances the communication between the participants and the judges, but also It also promotes mutual learning among the contestants and between them and the public.

For the second year this year, the Association invited overseas teams to participate in the competition, including 12 representative students from Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Foshan, Macau, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines to participate in the competition, and organized a "Hackathon" with Hong Kong students. ” supporting activities to promote exchanges and cooperation between Hong Kong, the Mainland and the “Belt and Road” countries in the field of technological innovation.

This year, the Association has also been sponsored by a number of government departments and technology companies to set up special awards, including Hong Kong Testing and Certification Authority, Occupational Safety and Health Council, Emerson, Huahui Wireless Co., Ltd. and Bull. B Tech. Staff will select outstanding works from the secondary school group that meet their judging criteria to compete for the award. The Association hopes to provide students with an opportunity to practice their research projects through the establishment of special awards to help students develop in the future.

More than 200 awards were presented at the awards ceremony of this year's Science and Technology Innovation Competition, including 19 first prizes, 27 second prizes, 40 third prizes, 22 special awards and more than 100 merit awards, grand prizes and special awards .

Over the years, the competition has connected local students with STEM competitions around the world. The winning students will have the opportunity to be recommended to represent Hong Kong to participate in the "National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition" and "Intel International Science and Engineering Award" and other national and international competitions. Science competition, bringing outstanding scientific research works to large-scale competitions outside Hong Kong, interacting with young scientific research talents from all over the world, and winning glory for Hong Kong!