Notes for invention

Inventions can be divided into two categories,firstly, from nothing to something, to invent somethings that have not yet appeared;secondly, from the existence to the infinite, to improve existing inventions into better inventions. The former is more difficult and requires constant innovation; the latter requires careful observation and testing to create new inventions.

The essence of invention iscreate items that don't exist today or improve existing products, with the aim of improving human life. Among them, it is necessary to deeply understand the current problems, observe carefully, do not act according to inertia, and look at problems with new thinking in order to create new inventions. Great inventions allow users to use simple and easy-to-understand methods to solve problems. General inventions can still operate normally after many tests. After the author has tested the invention for many times, it is repeatedly improved before it can be applied to real life.

If you want to create a new invention, the most important thing is imagination, but at the same time you must adddata collection, experimental testing, data collection, improvement, and extracting operational reports, it is recommended that while writing the report, writingInvention log, to facilitate future viewing of relevant information.

Finally, since an invention is a physical object, the inventor mustdo it yourself, create by yourself, and test it again and again, in order to have the opportunity to complete a new invention.

Invention report sample

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