How to get inspiration for Science Fiction Drawings

Science fiction drawings are imaginary paintings with a certain scientific basis. Compared with invention or research, it does not require students to have deep scientific knowledge, nor does it pursue whether it can be made into real objects. Students can boldly imagine as long as they have simple scientific and technological knowledge or common sense of life, and then through certain paintings The forms are expressed, such as watercolor paintings, pen paintings, pastel paintings, etc.

1. Go deep into life and look at reality

The progress of human society is often because people have infinite fantasies, constantly innovating and improving their lives. Science of painting Science-fiction painting can start with clothing, food, housing and transportation that are closely related to human life. As shown in the picture on the right, the "Spine Repair Robot" is used to help people with spinal problems. It can enter the spine to remove dead or malignant blood cells, and it can correct a crooked spine. In addition, you can also use the pen in the body, glue it with special glue, and fill the bone with calcium. When you imagine reality, you will be able to create new concepts, new ideas, new designs.

2. Make it easy

Stealing the beam and replacing the column refers to replacing some difficult-to-obtain materials or difficult-to-complete processes with some easily-obtained materials or processes. As shown in the picture on the right, the "Water Control Unit" has simplified the complicated process of purifying sewage into the process of planting bamboo. The irrigation robot uses a drill to take out the waste water in the underground pipe, irrigates the spiny bamboo plants, and then the harvesting robot uses sharp scissors to harvest the mature bamboo, and the transport robot uses the wheels to quickly transport the bamboo to the ground. Finally, the bamboo will enter the body of the water-making robot, and after grinding and precipitation, clean drinking water is made. Try to make things easier and make life more comfortable.

3. Change the process and reduce the steps

The production of anything has a certain process, shortening the process and reducing the links is one of the goals of technological innovation. As far as science fiction is concerned, it is only necessary to propose methods and results. As shown in the picture on the right, the "Universal Cooking Machine": a machine that combines more than ten functions, can automatically cook a rich dinner, greatly reducing the workload of mothers. As long as the menu is written, and then put into the machine, he will automatically operate, including washing, cutting, frying, frying, frying, boiling, and baking. You can simplify processes and create innovative technologies.

4. Reverse thinking, reverse black and white

Reverse thinking refers to breaking the routine and turning established facts upside down. It is one of the forms of creative thinking. The reverse thinking of science fiction paintings has a great degree of freedom. As shown in the "Octopus Snow Suction Generator" on the right, it takes a lot of energy to absorb and melt snow. The author uses reverse thinking to design a machine that absorbs snow and can provide energy. The octopus snow suction generator can walk on the snow, and the suction cup can suck the snow into the melting furnace. After it is melted into water, it flows into the hydroelectric generator to generate electricity. The underground storage station generates electricity for household use. You can reverse black and white and turn "impossible" into "possible".

5. Looking ahead to technology, boldly foreseeing

Science fiction paintings should be linked with the new development of science and technology, and make bold and scientific predictions about new technologies of mankind. When drawing sci-fi paintings, you should always pay attention to the latest scientific and technological information published in newspapers and magazines, and then make predictions and express them in the form of paintings. It can be genetic engineering, space utilization, cloning technology, in every field, it can be used as the subject. As shown in the "Construction Robot" on the right, large-scale projects will be carried out in future cities, such as undersea cities, sky cities, etc. It is inconvenient to rely on human hands alone. Therefore, the author designed construction robots, which have the ability to float magnetically, can fly to high places, and can withstand materials ten times heavier than themselves. Their movements are operated by a multi-camera machine floating in the air, into which people enter architectural sketches, and it directs the robots to build.