Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the application form be submitted together with the work?

No. The work must be filled with the "Application Code" in the "Abstract" when submitting the work. The application code is obtained at registration, so participants must register first and submit the work. Otherwise, the judges will not judge the work.

2. Is it ok if the participant submits the registration form through a studio/non-school educational institution?

Yes. However, you must pay attention to the full name of the full-time or part-time school that the contestant is studying in the "School" column of the registration form. The registration form can be marked as studio instructor.

3. Can research and invention be combined by students from two different schools?

Yes. Student groups can be composed of students from two different schools, but all participants must be high school students, junior high school students, or elementary school students.

4. I am not a Hong Kong student, can I register for the competition?

No. The competition is aimed at students studying in local primary and secondary schools. Students living in other countries or not studying in Hong Kong will not be accepted.

5. Why did I not receive the application code after I registered?

Please check whether the email you have filled in is correct. In addition, you can check the spam box of the email to check whether the email has been filtered. If you have not received an email notification, please click here to visit "Application Code Enquiry" to find your entry number.

6. I don't have an instructor, what should I fill in the instructor column?

Parents, school teachers or studio tutors can be filled in the mentor column, please select the appropriate choice in the relationship column.

7. Can sci-fi drawings be larger or smaller than 59.4 cm x 42 cm?

The size of the paper for sci-fi drawings must meet the requirements of 59.4 cm x 42 cm. The conference accepts the size of the paper +/- 1 cm, otherwise it will not be judged.
*Since the winning works of this competition have the opportunity to be recommended to participate in the "National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition" (referred to as National Competition) held in August of that year, to meet the requirements for participating in the national competition for science fiction paintings, there is this restriction.

8. Can the works be returned after they are submitted?

Participants can get back only non-winning inventions by filling out the non-winning works form after the competition. There will be a specific period to get back the works, and the works that have not been gotten back after the specific period will not be saved due to limited space. Details Please pay attention to the announcement on the website. The centre reserves the right of final decision on all related works.

9. Is there a size limit for works of invention?

The maximum volume of the invention work is 100 cm(L) x 50 cm(W) x 100 cm(H).

10. If I build a "Nano Ultrasonic Washing Machine" with styrofoam and paper, can I participate in the competition? 

Since such works are not supported by scientific principles or the works cannot achieve the stated scientific principles, the conference will not evaluate such manual work or labor, and will not issue certificates.

11. Can I use handwriting or typing on a computer in the "Introduction to Works" of the Abstract?

Both are available. 
You can write directly on the paper, but the font must be clear and correct. It is recommended to use a ballpoint pen instead of a pencil. 
If you are typing on a computer, you can print it and paste it in the column orDownload Microsoft Word Versionto print directly.

12. Can I fill in the "Introduction to Work" in the Work Introduction Form in English?

Yes. The introduction of the work can be filled in English, but Chinese is recommended.

13. Can sci-fi drawings be folded and sent?

Since the drawing paper has obvious creases after being folded, it is not recommended to send the drawing paper after being folded, but the drawing paper can be rolled up and placed in a paper tube and sent.

14. Do I need to meet the judges at the initial assessment?

It is not required. Contestants are not required to meet with the judges during the preliminary judging. However, if selected for the general review, the author must personally introduce it to the judge and accept the interview.

15. My research work has participated in other local science competitions, can I still participate in the competition?

Yes. However, the work must reflect the latest research work and research results.

16. Can I use the same work for different categories?

No. Each work can only participate in one category.

17. After registering, can I switch members in the group before submitting the documents?

No. After registration, the group members can only be reduced, not increased.

18. After registering, can I change the competition category before submitting the work?

No. After registration, the entries are assigned by application code, please choose category carefully.

19. I missed the final, what should I do?

Absence of the final evaluation will be regarded as automatic abandonment of the competition, and the conference will not set up a new interview for the participants who missed the final evaluation.

If the above FAQs do not answer your questions

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