About the Competition



  • 提倡和推動STEAM教育,提高青少年對STEAM的興趣及綜合科技素質,培育21世紀所需要的科技創新人才。
  • Cultivate young people's scientific imagination, innovative spirit and practical ability to meet the challenges of the future world.
  • Guide young people to participate in research and invention and scientific inquiry from an early age, and cultivate interdisciplinary knowledge application and manual brain skills.
  • Provide young people with an opportunity to demonstrate creative thinking and innovative design.
  • 鼓勵及嘉許積極推動STEAM教育的學校、老師、學生組織以及在科技創新方面表現出色的參賽者。


Commissioned by Education Bureau


Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

Targeted participants

All secondary schools, primary schools, kindergarten students, teachers and schools in Hong Kong

For teams or students representing Hong Kong in national or international competitions organized or co-organized by the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association, their awards (such as first, second, third or other representative awards) and relevant student information (such as name, grade and school name, etc.) will be archived in the "Education Bureau Hong Kong Outstanding Student Database" of the Education Bureau's Gallery for the public to browse after verification.