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22nd Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition

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The "22nd Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition" was commissioned by the Gifted Education Section of the Curriculum Development Office of the Education Bureau of the SAR Government and organized by the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association and co-organized by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. It was successfully held on June 6 at the Hong Kong Science Park.

Affected by the "new coronavirus" epidemic, the judging and awarding methods of this year's competition are different from those of previous years. Except for science fiction paintings, the participating teachers and students of other projects are required to accept closed-door judging by the jury on the general evaluation day.

The award ceremony of the award was successfully held on September 26 at the venue of the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association. As a grand event, the conference invited Dr. Liu Jianfeng, Deputy Minister of Education and Technology Department of the Liaison Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, to officiate and present the award in person. In view of the fact that the new crown epidemic is still under control, in order to avoid crowds gathering, the awards ceremony will take the form of a combination of online and offline. Only four special awards will be awarded at the offline awards ceremony, including: Outstanding Innovation Project Award for Primary School, Junior High School and Senior High School, and the "Young Scientist Award. These four awards are awarded to the best performers in each category." The award ceremony will be broadcast live online, so that all sectors of society can witness the achievements of Hong Kong youth in technological innovation under the epidemic, and share the joy of the award-winning students!

In his speech, Dr. Liu Jianfeng, Deputy Director of the Education and Technology Department of the Liaison Office, pointed out that in recent years, the SAR government has actively promoted STEM education, promoted students' interdisciplinary learning in mathematics, science and technology and engineering, and cultivated students' innovative spirit and scientific research ability. He is particularly grateful to the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association for its contribution to nurturing talents over the years. He also appreciates the support of schools, the business community and partners. Through the close cooperation of different stakeholders, synergies can be generated and students can learn the fruits of technological innovation. effect. He encouraged the participating and award-winning students to make persistent efforts, actively participate in different types of STEM learning activities, constantly equip themselves, and join the ranks of science and technology innovation in the future to contribute to the country and benefit the society.

It is encouraging that this year's competition is still fruitful despite the test of the epidemic. The special awards were won by different schools. The special awards for the primary school group were won by Kwong Lai-yen, Leung Si-ting and Feng Nuoyan from Kowloon Women's Welfare Association Lee Ping Memorial School. The special prize was won by Cai Haowen, Jiang Shangqi and Yang Jiacheng from Queen Elizabeth Secondary School, whose work was "Screening of Natural Lipase Inhibitors"; the special prize in the high school category was won by Sun Haoxiang from King George V School His work is "Degradable Micro Swimming Robot". The "Young Scientist" award was also won by Sun Haoxiang. The judges especially appreciated his seriousness and enthusiasm for scientific research, as well as his innovative spirit.

This year, the Association has also been sponsored by a number of government departments and technology companies to set up special awards, including Hong Kong Testing and Certification Authority, Occupational Safety and Health Council, Emerson, Huahui Wireless Co., Ltd., Bull. B Tech, Hong Kong Polar Research Center and Tan Tsai Sange Rice Noodle Sponsor Scholarship. The Association hopes to provide students with an opportunity to practice their research projects through the establishment of special awards to help students develop in the future.

The "Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition" is currently the largest, oldest and most representative STEM competition in Hong Kong. The purpose of the competition is to promote STEM education—Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education, and cultivate students’ comprehensive ability across learning areas.

The competition attracted nearly 280 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Hong Kong, with about 3,000 entries. Students who have won awards in the competition have the opportunity to be recommended to participate in many national and international large-scale competitions, exchange and learn with young scientific elites from all over the country and around the world, learn from each other and grow together. It is believed that Hong Kong representatives will continue to win glory for Hong Kong in various national or international competitions in the near future. Please wait and see!