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17th Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition

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The Gifted Education Section of the Curriculum Development Institute of the Hong Kong Education Bureau commissioned the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association to organize and co-organized by the Hong Kong Science Park. The Hong Kong Science Park was successfully held.

The competition attracted nearly 350 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Hong Kong, and received more than 4,000 entries.

Many of the students' works are closely related to global issues in recent years, such as environmental protection, food safety and human health. Among them, the works on the concept of human health are particularly eye-catching. The competition items are divided into "Science Fantasy Painting", "Research and Invention", "Learning Technology Practice Activities", "Excellent Technology Teacher", "Teacher Teaching Aids Invention" and "Excellent Technology School". Except for science fiction paintings, teachers and students participating in other projects have independent exhibitions on the general evaluation day, and are subject to a rotating evaluation by the jury.

The competition accepts applications from October to the following year, and a general evaluation and awards ceremony will be held from March to April of the following year.