Write an Introduction

Introduction must be short and easy to understand (recommended no more than 100 words), so that the public can easily understand the purpose of the research and its results (research papers)/solutions (inventions). The following are some examples. (For reference only, not a designated template)

例子一:Vegetarian Escherichia coli Superman(Research)
This project can be split into two main parts including the first part which is an investigation on the killing effect of ultraviolet light on Escherichia coliIt is found that ultraviolet has limiting effect in killing E. coliIn the second part of the project, we would like to find out the DNA repairing effect of broccoli, tomato and blueberry which was said to have anticancer effect in past researchesThe results show that blueberry can exert a certain effect to prevent the E. coli from mutating while the other two just have just very limited effect.Mission

摘自研究作品:Vegetarian Escherichia coli Superman 翟文謙、于佳囡、劉安瑜(中華基金中學)

摘自研究作品:節能煲水好保寶 黃樂陶(香港培正小學)
例子三:聰明介子 — 生命懸於一片介子(發明品)

摘自研究作品:聰明介子 — 生命懸於一片介子 金薇、朱美迪(聖公會李炳中學)