Science Fiction Drawing

Category Notes (Kindergarten, Primary and Junior Secondary)

refers to children and adolescents expressing the future production and life scenes of human beings in the form of painting to show their vision and prospects for future scientific development, and at the same time advocate the integration and exchange of technology and art.

Participation notice

  1. Science Fiction Drawing is divided into Kindergarten group, primary school group and junior secondary school group;
  2. 參加者年齡必須於2024年7月1日之前,年滿5-14周歳的學生;
  3. Only for individual works, the works must be completed by the entrants independently (including conception and painting);
  4. The size of the work is A2 drawing paper (594mm x 420mm);
  5. Entries include oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, watercolor painting, gouache painting, pen painting, pencil painting, crayon painting, printmaking, paste painting, computer painting, etc. The painting style and materials used are not limited. Only flat paintings are accepted, and three-dimensional works are not accepted;
  6. Contestants must indicate the [Application Code] on the lower right corner of the back of the sci-fi drawing;
  7. Each entry must fill in a separate entry form, which must be affixed to the left side of the back of the sci-fi drawing;
  8. If the entry is shortlisted for the general evaluation, the entrant must submit the electronic version text file (.doc or .docx) of the introduction of the entry as required by the conference before the general evaluation. The submitted paintings and documents will not be returned;
  9. The Association will not be responsible for any damage to the work during the postal delivery process; the contestants can deliver the work to the Science and Creativity Center of the Association in person;
  10. Works are not allowed to fill in the name of the tutor and school, otherwise the qualification will be cancelled.

Judging criteria

Instructions for submission

  1. 交件日期:2024 年 1 月 2 日至 1 月 31 日
  2. 交件要求:i) 科學幻想畫實物畫作; ii) 作品簡介表(須貼於畫作背面)
  3. Delivery form: by post (subject to the postmark) or in person (Please noticeour address and office hours

If you make it to the final

The organizer will notify the entrants to submit additionalAbstract'selectronic version of the text file (.doc or .docx).