Outstanding STEM Teaching Aids
General Information
Teaching aids refer to auxiliary tools or models for teaching science topics. New products or technology or scaled down models should be functional.

General Rules
  • Individual application only
  • Targets: All Hong Kong secondary and primary teachers, technicians and teaching assistants.
  • The invention MUST have been completed within 2 years before the deadline of submission.
  • The ideas and design of the invention MUST be completed by the applicant solely. Plagiarism is prohibited.
  • Projects cannot be illegal or harmful to the public.
  • Projects which lack scientific principles or models which are not operative will not be accepted.
  • All Research and Invention Manual and Report MUST include at least 1 photo showing the invention/research process and at least 1 photo showing the participants with their invention.

 Criteria Contents Percentage


It includes the anticipated socio-economical benefits of the project; the influences, applicability and promotional prospect of the project.


The creativity, advancement of technology involved and the difficulty of the project.
It includes the sufficiency of data and literature support, the level of completeness of the project.
It includes the ability of processing data and operating equipment and the level of participation.
 Presentation Skill*
Ability to present ideas clearly and concisely and to handle judges' questions effectively.
*Applicable to finalists only

Outstanding STEM Teaching Aids need to submit the project from online platform between 2 Jan to 20 Feb)

If Candidate being selected to Final, please being the following documents
Items to be submitted No. of copies
 The Project Abstract Form (Product photo MUST be attached)  5
 The actual invention or the scaled down workable model**  1
Invention Manual/Report (MUST explain the principle of applications, usages, shortcomings and possible improvement)
 Multimedia Items (If applicable)***  1
** Size cannot exceed 100cm(L)x50cm(W)x100cm(H); the assigned Project Number MUST appear clearly on the product
***Multimedia items can be DVD (Within 5 minutes) (Chinese/English)

Notice: No school logo or name should appear on any works, otherwise participants will be disqualified.