Outstanding STEM Teacher
General Information
Outstanding STEM Teacher is awarded to teachers who show excellent achievement in promoting science and technology education. 

General Rules
    • Individual applicaton only
    • Target: All Hong Kong secondary and primary school teachers, technicians and teaching assistants.
    • The applicants must have related teaching experience in science and technological education
    • Contents and teaching materials must be related to science and technological education
    • A completed report and a full set of teaching material must be submitted

Contents Percentage
 Past experiences in leading students science or technological related activities 10%
 The principle and knowledge relating to science & technological education 40%
The project report and teaching materials for Science and Technology activities for students**
 Presentation skill* 10%
*Applicable to finalists only
**The project report will be assessed based on the following 5 areas

Scientific includes the technological sense, the legitimacy, the accuracy and the reliability of the scientific principle of the topic and results.
Practicality :
 Activities are matched with the knowledge and ability of participants, and with practicable means.
Demonstrability : Activities should demonstrate clear aims of current technological development. The design and format should be scientific and have innovative ideas, easy to carry out, promote general science and focus on solving problems in daily life.
Innovation : Content, procedures and methods of the design should be innovative and flexible so that they can be modified according to needs easily.
Completeness : Project should have been completed wholly or partially, with clear aims, well-planned procedures and results.

General Content of Project Proposal
1) Title
2) Background (with analysis) and objective
3) Rationale and objectives
4) Target and total number of participants
5) Main Section
    • Activity Content
    • Main objectives, difficulties and innovative parts
    • Utilization of resources (E.g. venue, data, equipments, etc.)
    • Anticipated problems and respective solutions
    • Anticipated results and format
    • Assessment format and standard
    • Benefits for teenagers (E.g. ethical and intellectual benefits, etc.)

Outstanding STEM Teacher need to submit the project from online platform between 2 Jan to 20 Feb)

If Candidate being selected to Final, please being the following documents

Item to be submitted No. of copies
 Teacher and Project Abstract Form  5
 Project Proposal  2
 News and Raw Materials (log books, photos, DVD etc)

Notice: No school logo or name should appear on any works, otherwise participants will be disqualified.