Outstanding STEM Activity
General Information
Secondary students can compete in this category as a school club, class or society. The activity must be to an organized group activity to promote science or technology in school or to the public. Log sheets and summary of the activity should be submitted.

General Rules
    • Groups, classes or clubs/associations in secondary schools will be the basic unit of participation. Teachers or other advisory organizations cannot participate in this competition.
    • Clubs, classes or societies can assign 3 representatives to compete. All representatives of the group projects MUST be present during the Final Judging, otherwise the project will be disqualified.
    • Activity record and summary should be provided (including paperwork and other necessary materials)
    • The format can be extracurricular activities, research studies or social activities, but it MUST have an educational goal with science background and the following 5 criteria: 
 1. Clear Topic
Activities should be designed according to practicability of the school. They should be able to promote technological activities among students in which they can gain technological knowledge, principles and methods of science investigation and can cultivate a scientific mind, so that the benefits can be extended to the communities on aspects of education, production, economics and scientific culture, etc.
 2.Complete Procedures
A systematic and complete report, schedule, and other necessary items, such as records or log sheets of how the actual work has been carried out. A final conclusion or evaluation should also be drawn.
 3. Complete Materials
Including the planning and log sheets (content, time, venue, number of participants and name list), photos or DVD, news articles, etc. which can reflect the process of the whole activity. 
 4. Definite Results
Precise and clear word description (Chinese/English) on the results of activities by the persons-in-charge or the major participants is required. Other related items, such as photos, DVD or real objects can be submitted along with the written project.
 5. Actual Benefits and
Including the experiences that the students have gained, the extent of effects and benefits covered in communities, and suggestions for follow up work that is to be done in future. 
 Criteria Contents  Percentage
Activities are matched with the knowledge and ability of participants, and with practicable means.
Activities should demonstrate clear aims of current technological development. The design and format should be scientific and have innovative ideas, easy to carry out, promote general science and focus on solving problems in daily life.
Content, procedures and methods of the design should be innovative and flexible so that they can be modified according to needs easily.
Presentation Skill*
Ability to present ideas clearly and concisely and to handle judges' questions effectively
*Applicable to finalists only

Outstanding STEM Activity need to submit the project from online platform between 2 Jan to 20 Feb)

If Candidate being selected to Final, please being the following documents
 Item to be submitted No. of copies
 Project Abstract Form  5
 Project Report (Must be handwritten or printed on A4 white paper) (Chinese/English)  2
 Log sheets, photos, multimedia information, etc.  2

Note: No school logo or name should appear on any works, otherwise participants will be disqualified.