Research and Invention
General Information (Primary Division)

To research on science-related topic with experiments, surveys and/or investigation and the results must be presented in the form of a written report.
To invent new product or technology for practical application, or a scaled down feasible and working model.
General Information (Secondary Division)
This division is divided into 5 categories according to different subjects and each subject is sub-divided into Junior and Senior Sections. Participants can submit either a research or an invention:
 1.Mathematics, Physics and Engineering
Mathematics: Research on mathematics methods or models with application and practical use in any other disciplines

Physics: Research on principles, theories or laws of energy and their materials interaction

Engineering: Original and innovative practical applications of scientific principles for solving daily problems
 2.Chemistry  and Materials
Chemistry: Research or application of chemical principals

Materials: Research, inventions or applications of new materials
 3.Biology and Health
Biology: Research on the behavior of plants or animals

Health: Research on diseases, medicines or health related topics including the physical or psychological behavior of humans
 4.Energy and  Environmental Science
Energy Science: Application or development of new energy sources

Environmental Science: Research on the sources or controls of pollutions (air, water, land resources etc)
 5.Computer Science and  Information Technology*
Computer Science: Research on computing theories or applications and design of computing hardware or software

Information Technology: Research on Information system and application

 General Rules
    • Applicants can apply individually or in group of not more than 3 members, but all group members MUST be from the same division (Primary, Junior Secondary or Senior Secondary Divisions). All members of the group projects MUST be present during the Final Judging, otherwise the project will be disqualified.
    • New and significant research work and results MUST be shown if a similar or continuation project has been submitted in previous year’s HKYSTIC.
    • The project MUST be completed within 2 years before the submission deadline. (E.g. Start after Feb 2019)
    • The project cannot be illegal or harmful to the public.
    • The project which lacks science principles or models that are not functional or research projects without conclusions will not be accepted.
    • The whole working process (including the choice of topic, the creation processes and the completion of work) MUST be done by the applicant.
    • All Research and Invention Manual and Report MUST include at least 1 photo showing the invention/research process and at least 1 photo showing the participants with their finished invention.

Criteria Contents  Percentage
The creativity, advancement of technology involved and the difficulty of the project.
Scientific includes the technological sense, the legitimacy, the accuracy and the reliability of the scientific principle of the topic and results.

Practicality includes the anticipated socio-economical benefits of the project; the influences, applicability and promotional prospect of the research project.
It includes the sufficiency of data and literature support, the level of completeness of the poject.
It includes the skills of processing data and equipment and the level of participation.
 Presentation Skill*
Ability to present ideas clearly and concisely and to handle judges' questions effectively
*Applicable to finalists only


I). Primary Invention must be submitted by mail (refer to postmark date) 
or in person during office hours within the specified submission period to HKNGCA Science Innovation Centre (Address: 21 Hong Kin Road, Tui Min Hoi Area, Sai Kung), titile of the letter should be " Primary Invention ( PI XXXX) - 23rd Hong Kong Youth Science Technology & Innovation Competition)

Submission Period of Primary Invention: 2 Jan - 5 Feb 2021
Office Hours
Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm
Sat (16 Jan and 30 Jan only) 10am - 1pm

Items to be submitted No. of copies
 The real product or scaled down feasible model**  1
 Project Abstract Form (Product photo MUST be attached)  5
 Invention manual/Report (Chinese/English)  2
 Multimedia items ***(If applicable)  1
** Size cannot exceed 100cm(L)x50cm(W)x100cm(H); the assigned Project Number MUST appear clearly on the product
*** Multimedia items can be DVD (Within 5 minutes) (Chinese/English)


Both Primary Research projects and Secondary projects must be submitted online.

Submission Period of Primary Research: 2 Jan - 5 Feb 2021
Submission Period of Secondary Projects : 2 Jan - 20 Feb 2021

If Candidate being selected to Final, please being the following documents, if secondary projects contain invention, please follow the items to be submitted of Invention
Items to be submitted  No. of copies
 Project Abstract Form  5
 Research Report (Chinese/English) **  2
 Multimedia items***(If applicable)  1
**Please refer to Useful Guide(Chinese version only) for research report format. The project title, name of applicant and project number MUST be shown on the front page
*** Multimedia items can be DVD (within 5 minutes) (Chinese/English)

Note: No school logo or name should appear on any works, otherwise participants will be disqualified.