Science Fiction Drawing
General Information 
With the advancement of science and technology, students can express their imaginative and creative ideas of the future by means of drawing. It also provides students the opportunity to display their artistic skill and scientific knowledge.

General Rules
      • Divisions: Kinder, Primary and Secondary Divisions (Aged 14 or below, born on or after 1 April 2006).
      • Individual entry only (no group work, including the creation process and drawing) 
      • The size of the drawing should be A2 size 59.4cmx42cm (+/- 1cm)
      • MUST be in landscape format
 Criteria Contents Percentage
Choice of topic and creativity
Design, coloring, drawing skills
Scientific basis and logical thinking
Presentation Skill*
Ability to present ideas clearly and concisely and to handle judges' questions effectively
* Applicable to finalists only

The entries will be invalid in any of the following situations:
Plagiarism, scientific errors, incorrect size, mixing up of science and myths, infringement of copyright figures, appearance of school logo or name

 Item to be submitted  No. of Copies
 Drawing  1
 Abstract Form  1
      • Entries can be oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, aquarelle, gouache, pen painting, pencil drawing, crayon painting, prints, collage, computer graphics etc. The style and materials used are not restricted but must be in the form of a 2D drawing.
      • The Project Number MUST be written at the lower right hand corner at the back of the drawing.
      • The Abstract Form MUST be attached on the left hand side at the back of the drawing.
      • The size of the drawing should be 59.2cmx42cm (+/- 1cm). The drawing MUST be in landscape format, and should be clean and neat.
      • Applicants are suggested to keep an e-copy of the drawing since all submitted drawings will NOT be returned.
Note: No school logo or name should appear on any works, otherwise participants will be disqualified.