幼兒科學幻想畫 一等獎 The Fabulous Toys Fixing Machine

Simply put the broken toy on the belt, press the button and the machine will take the toy into a tunnel. After some clunking noise and flashing light, a fixed toy will release from the other end. This fabulous machine can save all lovely broken toys and makes less rubbish.

小學科學幻想畫 一等獎 太空電力收集站


中學科學幻想畫 一等獎 在天空發展的城市


小學發明品 一等獎 方便魚缸


小學論文 一等獎 鬆軟蛋糕個個得


物理及工程(初中) 一等獎 Reducing Carbon Emission? Alternative Energy Source-Stirling Engine

We need to find out alternative ways to generate electricity as producing electricity releases a lot of carbon dioxide during the burning of different fuels. As Stirling Engine is an alternative source to produce electricity, we built a Bus-Stop model and make use of the mechanical energy of the flywheel as a fan and decrease the temperature in the area by increasing the ventilation. We also think that linking the Stirling engines together can also have this effect and will be suitable for daily use. We can use it in bus-shelters.

物理及工程(高中) 一等獎 液壓式變焦鏡片

“液壓式變焦鏡片”是利用液體的壓力調節透明薄膜的表面弧度,以改變鏡片的焦距,達致變焦效果。這發明的應用範圍很廣泛, 例如眼鏡鏡片、相機鏡頭、用於微細工作的工作鏡等。

化學及材料(初中) 一等獎 氯化家居

Our invention is a ‘Bleach Generator’. By the electrolysis of sodium chloride solution, it can produce the chlorine bleach for household disinfection. The concentration of the chlorine bleach produced is comparable to the commercial bleach with 1:99 dilution. Without further processing, the bleach generated can be used as a disinfectant to kill germs. This ‘Bleach Generator’ is operated by solar energy which is a renewable energy resource. The sodium chloride solution can be obtained from the sea. Moreover, the generator is environmentally friendly as the waste materials, waste water bottles and graphite rods from used dry cells, are employed. Hence, the cost of this design would be very low.

化學及材料(高中) 一等獎 An Investigation of Traditional Chinese Silver Staining Diagnosis And Its Application in the Detection of Phosphate Ion

It was discovered that cysteine is responsible for the colour changes of silver plates, and the colour generally changes from silvery to yellow and finally blue indicating the body condition of a patient. The reaction rate differs according to pH and the concentration of phosphate ion. The concentration of phosphate ion shows that a person has chronic renal failure according to literature ‘High concentration of sweat calcium, magnesium and phosphate in chronic renal failure’. A mechanism for the reaction was proposed. Because the reactions allow low concentration of phosphate ion to be tested qualitatively, the possibilities of establishing two kinds of phosphate detector were discussed. In spite of several limitations, the sensitively and the selectivity of the applications had been confirmed. We hope that the applications can protect the ecosystem and the health of the citizens.

生物及健康(初中) 一等獎 天然敷料

利用不含致敏原的材料: 木薯粉、糯米粉、水和甘油等製造敷料,因而能降低使用者出現敏感情況。敷料效能與市面上的膠布相若,且有更高的透氣度,更強的二次黏性,用後不留痕,同時可生物降解。

生物及健康(高中) 一等獎 Vegetarian Escherichia coli Superman

This project can be split into two main parts including the first part which is an investigation on the killing effect of ultraviolet light on Escherichia coli. It is found that ultraviolet has limiting effect in killing E. coli. In the second part of the project, we would like to find out the DNA repairing effect of broccoli, tomato and blueberry which was said to have anticancer effect in past researches. The results show that blueberry can exert a certain effect to prevent the E. coli from mutating while the other two just have just very limited effect.

能源及環境科學(初中) 一等獎 The Application of Cellulose-implanted Absorption Plate in Air Exhauster to Remove Toxic Carbonyls in Air

Since the indoor quality in Hong Kong is getting worse, we want to investigate the feasibility in making an absorption plate in removing one of the most toxic and commonly found air pollutants – carbonyl compounds from the air. We make use of the specific reaction of 2,4dinitrophenylhydrazine and carbonyl compounds for the removal. We have tried out different materials in making the absorption plates. And we have investigated different absorption conditions, and we have designed and built an air exhauster so that the absorption efficiency can be further enhanced. And we have made a colour indicator in showing if there is any breakthrough of carbonyl compounds (not trapped by the absorption plates) in the sampling device.

能源及環境科學(高中) 一等獎 Thin Film Biopolymer-based Rechargeable Battery

近年市場上對可捲曲薄膜電池的渴求有增無減。有見及此,是次研究集中開發研製兩種以摻雜的瓊脂 - 纖維素複合物為基礎原料的二次薄膜電池。相信三維網狀多孔性的瓊脂 - 纖維素複合物電極結構提供更大的表面面積及密度,再配以石墨或納米碳管摻雜改變複合物的電化學特性,有助提升電池的附載電荷能力。最後研究更成功製備可捲曲納米碳管摻雜有機生物聚合物二次薄膜電池,該設計輕型、成本低,電池更利用超過95%可生物降解物料製成,對環境有正面影響。

電腦及資訊科技(初中) 一等獎 i-Reminder

Many elderly need to take various kinds of medicine frequently and regularly. However, some of them easily mix the medicine and take the medicine improperly and irregularly. In order to solve the problem of improper medicine-taking, we develop this invention “i-Reminder”. Our product can help remind the patient, particularly to the elderly, to take medicine on time and avoid them from mistakenly taking medicine.

電腦及資訊科技(高中) 一等獎 Heartbook and Smart Helper

心臟病是全球第三大殺手,當人們心臟病發時往往因為不能得到即時的救援而死亡。所以研發及製作了這個綜合軟件(手機APPS 及伺服器程式) 及硬件的系統,替心臟發聲、求救,以減少心臟病發而死亡的機會。系統配備心率監察、跌倒提示、障礙物監測、即時求救及即時數據更新及中央系統管理員查閱功能。

學會科技實踐活動 一等獎 四川科技交流營 - 「小小發明家」工作坊