STEAM Activity

Category annotation(Secondary)


Participation notice

  1. In school groups, classes or academic organizations, instructors or guiding institutions are not allowed to register as contestants;
  2. Each unit can send 3 representatives to participate in the competition, and 3 members must attend the general evaluation review, otherwise they will be disqualified from the competition;
  3. Participating teams must submit activity records and activity summary (including written materials and other necessary materials, etc.);
  4. The form of practical activities may include extracurricular activities, research study or social practice activities, but must have a certain educational purpose and popular science significance;
  5. and the following 5 conditions

Judging criteria

Instructions for submission

  1. Contestants must add a photo of the contestant on the first page of the report.
  2. 交件日期:2024 年 1 月 2 日至 1 月 31 日
  3. Submission requirements:
    • i) 作品簡介表;
    • ii) 報告(中英文皆可)
  4. 交件形式:線上遞交;交件網址:

If you make it to the final

The organizer will notify the entrants to submit additionalAbstract'selectronic version of the text file (.doc or .docx).