Outstanding STEM Teacher Award

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aims to select teachers of primary and secondary schools with outstanding performance in promoting STEM education.

Participation notice

  1. For individual participation only;
  2. The target audience is all primary and secondary school teachers, technicians and teaching assistants;
  3. Participants must have experience in guiding students to carry out STEM education activities, achieve excellent results and have certain teaching experience;
  4. Submit a STEM teaching plan/STEM practice activity plan, content requirements:
    • i. Project name;
    • ii. Background (needs analysis);
    • iii. Pedagogy and teaching objectives;
    • iv. The persons involved and the number of persons involved;
    • v. Main part:
      • Activity content, main purpose and innovation;
      • All kinds of science and technology education resources (such as venues, materials, equipment, etc.) used;
      • problems and solutions;
      • Expected effect and presentation;
      • the form and standard of the effect assessment;
      • How to improve young people's creative thinking and cultivate personal character.

Judging criteria

Instructions for submission

  1. Contestants muston the first page of the report,submit STEM teaching plan / STEM practice activity plan home page plus a photo of yourself participating in it.
  2. 交件日期:2023 年 1 月 18 日至 2 月 9 日
  3. Submission requirements:
    • i) 5 copies of the work profile,
    • ii) 5 hard copy reports (can be Chinese or English)
  4. Delivery form: by post (subject to the postmark) or in person (Please noticeour address and office hours

If you make it to the final

The organizer will notify the entrants to submit additionalAbstract'selectronic version of the text file (.doc or .docx).