Outstanding STEM School

Category annotation

aims to select and commend secondary and elementary schools with outstanding performance in promoting STEM education.

Participation notice

  1. The school must have relevant experience in promoting STEM education and achieve certain results;
  2. School policies have relevant measures to support the promotion of STEM education;
  3. Schools must be full-time or half-day primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong;
  4. Schools that have won the "Excellent STEM School" and "Top Ten Technology Education Innovation Schools" in the Hong Kong or national competitions can re-register for this category three years after the award;
  5. Submit a STEM education report that includes:
    • i. School Profile;
    • ii. STEM education philosophy;
    • iii. To promote the achievements of STEM in and out of school;
    • iv. STEM teacher professional development, staffing and resource input;
    • v. Awards of off-campus STEM competitions;
    • vi. Summary and Evaluation Report.

Judging criteria

Instructions for submission

  1. 交件日期:2022 年 1 月 18 日至 2 月 9 日
  2. Submission requirements:
    • i) 5 copies of the work profile,
    • ii) 5 hard copy reports (can be Chinese or English)
  3. Delivery form: by post (subject to the postmark) or in person (Please noticeour address and office hours

If you make it to the final

The organizer will notify the entrants to submit additionalAbstract'selectronic version of the text file (.doc or .docx).