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HKNGCA Science Innovation Centre

Established in 2006, the HKNGCA Science Innovation Centre was the first centre of its kind in Hong Kong for students and teachers, which aims at promoting science and creativity education and is dedicated in nurturing the young scientists and inventors. Apart from organizing large-scale science competitions in Hong Kong, we are also the regional organizer of some of the top national and international science competitions. Our Centre also provides different kinds of science and creativity activities including popular science talks, workshops, training camps, exhibitions and training programs for gifted students, teachers and parents in the hope to provide a systematic and all-rounded support in the field of science and creativity education.


Since its launch in 1997, the “Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition” is now the largest and most popular science competition in Hong Kong with nearly 4,000 applicants from over 300 schools participating in this annual event. The competition targets on kindergarten, primary and secondary school students and teachers, with categories including Science Fiction Drawing, Invention, Research, OutstandingSTEM Activity, Outstanding STEM Teacher and Outstanding STEM School.


  • 02.07

    Postpone of Deadline for project (Primary Division Invention and Research)

    In view of the HKSAR Education Bureau’s announcement issued this morning regarding class suspension for kindergarten and primary schools, the deadline for submitting the “Primary Division Invention and Research Thesis” projects of the Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Innovation Competition 17-18 will be postponed to 27 February 2018. For further enquiries please call 27923639.